Women's Health

Women's Health

Helping you feel better naturally

Many women feel ‘off’ with their hormones–not ill exactly, but often low energy, struggling with diet and exercise programs, and juggling work, family responsibilities and sleep. Periods may be too long, too heavy, too frequent, or may come and go with no apparent pattern. Pre-menstrual symptoms may suddenly appear and create havoc for a few days or a week each month. Many women report that they feel irritable, just not ‘settled’ in their own skin.

Often women are prescribed oral contraceptives or Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) in order to stop cramping or heavy bleeding or to treat chronic conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or endometriosis. These may help alleviate symptoms, but often simply suppress the original imbalances without solving the underlying problem. Additionally, both can have significant adverse effects on physical and mental health, and lead to semi- or permanent problems with fertility.

Dr. Trevorrow believes that women do not need high doses of synthetic hormones to ‘balance’ their menstrual cycles, and that it is possible to rebalance your energy, sleep and sense of well-being naturally.  By restoring proper digestion, good sleep, and hormone balance, as well as good lifestyle habits, we can renew ourselves from the inside out.

One of her primary ways of providing natural women’s care is to educate women on the natural signs of fertility through menstrual cycles; something that has been called women’s ‘fourth vital sign’. She educates women on natural fertility regulation through cycle charting, allowing women to manage their fertility according to their own needs. We also help accurately diagnose menstrual or ovulatory problems by using a combination of thorough history, physical exam and laboratory investigations, saving women time, energy and money to get to the bottom of their gynecological problems. 

Some of the other ways we can help restore healthy hormone balance and cycles include:

  • Food sensitivity testing, elimination/challenge to help restore good digestion.

  • Hormone testing: to determine if female hormones are contributing to your health problems

  • Advice on bio-identical hormone (BHRT) therapy or progesterone therapy for female disorders, or fertility/pregnancy/post-partum.  

Insurance coverage

Depending on your coverage all or a portion of your visit may be covered as a Naturopathic service.  Check with your provider for details.