Asthma/Allergy Care

Dandelion Fields

Help for allergies, asthma and eczema

Naturopathic medicine can significantly help many patients suffering from asthma, allergies, eczema and similar allergic problems

Botatical medicines, working with improving natural immunity though plant-based diets and probiotic support, and sub-lingual (oral) immune densensitization drops (also known as SLIT therapy) are some of the therapies that Dr. Trevorrow uses to help alleviate these troublesome conditions. 

Dr. Trevorrow can offer the following testing services at Kingston Integrated Healthcare: 

  • Food sensitivity testing (FST). 

  • Comprehensive stool testing (CDSA).

  • Expanded functional blood lab work through Lifelabs.  

  • SLIT therapy drops custom compounded by Quantum Allergy Services.

For more information on therapies such as SLIT or similar approaches to treating asthma and allergies, we encourage patients to call our office or book at 15 minute complimentary appointment with Dr. Trevorrow