Adult Mental Health


Mental Wellness

Brain and mood health are key to what makes us feel alive, well, and happy. 

We all want to be able to go to work, be productive and to cope with the normal stresses of everyday life.   For many of us, however, genetics, or chronic physical and emotional stressors have left an imprint on our mood or attention. 

For many women, these stressors may also include pregnancy, childbirth, fertility/infertility, and adverse reactions to the Birth Control Pill (BCP). 

Dr. Trevorrow has worked with a wide range of mental health concerns, including those related to childhood trauma and prematurity, hormonal issues, or life stressors.  

She works with your current medications, but will also support your decisions to look at alternatives, including vitamin and nutrient therapies, gentle plant-based medicines, and support for good nutrition and exercise.

Diagnosis and treatment

Pinpointing a physical cause to mood problems can often help lead to better and more improved treatment.  Some of the tests Dr. Trevorrow has used successfully for her patients include: 

  • Functional blood lab work.   

  • Food sensitivity testing (FST). 

  • Comprehensive stool testing (CDSA). 

  • Organic Acid urine (OAT) testing.

For more information, we encourage parents to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Trevorrow to discuss your current problems and treatment strategies.