Pediatric Health

Pediatric Health

Natural Pediatric care

Dr. Trevorrow welcomes children with both routine and complex needs.  Natural plant-based medicines are well suited to treat urgent problems such as colds, digestive problems or eczema, and she has considerable experience with chronic conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, sensory and mood issues in children.  

For developmental problems such as Autism, ADHD, or FASDs, neurological issues such as seizure disorders, or mood problems,  Dr. Trevorrow uses a whole-body approach to treatment that focuses on improving digestion, immunity and cellular function, using science-based approaches wherever possible.  With almost 20 years' experience working with children with autism and special needs, she finds that working on a step by step integrative approach often results in significant improvements in sleep, behaviour, mood, digestion, and energy.  

Dr. Trevorrow has been affiliated with the Autism Research Institute and Autism Canada since 2006, and incorporates many of ARI funded research studies into her recommendations for care.

Diagnosis and Testing

Dr. Trevorrow can offer the following testing services at Kingston Integrated Healthcare: 

  • Food sensitivity testing (FST). 

  • Comprehensive stool testing (CDSA). 

  • Organic Acid (OAT) testing. 

  • Functional blood testing.

In addition to regular naturopathic treatments, Dr. Trevorrow also now offers sub-lingual allergy drops or SLIT therapy through Weller Pharmacy in Kingston.  

For more information, we encourage parents to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Trevorrow to discuss your child's needs and possible treatment solutions.