About Dr. Marianne

Bridging the gap between conventional medicine and naturopathic care

Dr. Marianne Trevorrow grew up in greater Vancouver, BC, and spent many years practicing in Victoria, BC and Calgary, Alberta, before moving to Kingston in early 2019.  She is a trained historian (MA) as well as Naturopathic Doctor and balances her time in private practice with running the Canadian ND Association Journal Vital Link.   


Dr. Trevorrow's practice welcomes patients of all ages, including female patients with hormonal and fertility problems, children and adults with mental health, allergic and chronic health problems.  She has experience treating both children and adults with autism spectrum disorders and welcomes these patients to her practice. 

Her approach to patient care is individualized at its core, supporting conventional medications where needed, but focusing on lifestyle and nutrient therapies to minimize the use of medications when not needed. 


Dr. Trevorrow is currently re-certifying for prescriptive authority with the Ontario ND Licensing Regulator and hopes to have this accomplished by Summer 2019.  She has been certified in bioidentical hormone therapies through the US Bioidential hormone Initiative (2010) and is currently working on post-graduate certification in NaPro Restorative Reproductive Medicine through Creighton University in the US. 


Dr. Trevorrow is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Chicago for her degrees in History, and Bastyr University in Seattle for her ND (Naturopathic doctor) degree, graduating in 2006 as a President’s Scholar. She did post-graduate clinical research work in therapeutic nutrition at Bastyr from 2006-2007 and has been in private practice since 2008.  


In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Trevorrow has also taken on many leadership roles for the ND Associations in BC, Alberta, and now Ontario, focusing on building inter-professional collaborations, and lobbying around scope of practice issues for NDs. She has also spent over decade serving on the editorial board for Vital Link, also serving as a frequent contributor.  In 2013, she received the first Vital Link. award, recognizing her work with the journal.


Outside of work,  Dr. Trevorrow is a big fan of outdoor self-propelled activities including kayaking, sailing, alpine hiking, and adventure travel. She sings with the St. Mary's cathedral choir and is an avid gardener.  She has a grown son, a black cat named Isabella (Bella for short) and is delighted to call Kingston home.