Integrated Lifestyle medicine is key to my practice, because it focuses on science-based approaches to help restore and maintain good health. Starting with Whole Food/Plant Based eating, regular exercise, stress relieving activities, and restful sleep.

This can all be accomplished without the need to take a handful of supplements every day, or do expensive 'functional' testing that won't significantly change your treatment. 

Instead, I use symptom, sleep or cycle charting and conventional lab testing to explore why things aren't balanced and working well. 



A collaborative approach


Responsible ND care should collaborate with your family physician and other members of your health care team. This ensures that all the things you are doing to improve your health are working co-operatively. 



I may be your ideal ND if: 

You want to know which natural approaches will work for you based on current Naturopathic best practices.

Your looking for a doctor who supports plant based diets, whether you are looking to transition or are already on board. 

You would like to learn how to manage your health in a sustainable way. 

You want an ND who will work in cooperation with your conventional healthcare providers and your current medications. 

You expect your ND to support Public Health measures such as hand washing, mask wearing and routine immunization. 

Note: I do not use homeopathy, iridology, live blood cell analysis, muscle testing or similar alternative style practices. I also don't promote 'keto' style diets. 

About the doctor: Marianne Trevorrow, MA ND

I am an ND registered with College of Naturopaths of Ontario. I'm originally from BC, and did my ND training at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, where NDs are trained to do comprehensive primary care medicine. 

I welcome patients throughout the lifespan, although I focus on women with menopausal and reproductive issues, as well as people of all ages with mental health, digestive, allergic, and other health problems, including cardiovascular and healthy aging concerns. I am authorized to prescribe by CONO (our regulatory body in Ontario), so welcome discussions about prescribing within our scope.


I support and practice Whole Food/Plant Based eating as a foundation to good health for people as well as our planet. 

I also support fertility awareness charting (Chart Neo and other methods) for menstrual cycle, family planning, and fertility support and welcome discussions about less invasive and more natural ways to support conception.  

I also welcome members of non-traditional and neurodiverse families, including children and adults with autism and special needs.

When I'm not in my office, I run the Canadian ND Association journal Vital Link in Toronto as Editor in Chief, so am always keeping up with new research, guidelines and standards in my profession. In both my leadership and clinical work, I've sought to build bridges with my conventional and allied health colleagues; my belief is that no one approach has all the answers. 

I've also written for peer-reviewed CAM journals and several blogs, including here


When I'm not at work, I'm a big fan of alpine hiking and skiing, sea kayaking, sailing, adventure travel, and choral classical music. I sing in a local cathedral choir, have a grown son, and am still working on a better work-life balance. I also volunteer for the Frontenac Zone of the Canadian Ski Patrol.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach, I encourage you to book a complimentary phone consult with me. 

Warm regards, 

Marianne Trevorrow, ND

221 Queen St. Kingston, ON,

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