Why Ionacare?

Natural approaches informed by science- for patients of all ages.

Integrated approach

Education and ongoing support to empower you to manage your health.

In person or online visits.

A collaborative approach


I collaborate with your primary care provider and other members of your health care team. This ensures that you get the best of care from both conventional and naturopathic approaches.



I may be your ideal ND practice if: 

You want to know which natural approaches have science behind them and which are based in clinical/empirical experience.

You are looking for clear explanations of your condition and what can be done for it.

You would like to learn how to manage your own health.

You want an ND who will work in cooperation with your other healthcare providers - primary care doctor and specialists alike. 

About the doctor: Marianne Trevorrow, MA ND

I am an ND registered with College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

I welcome patients throughout the lifespan, although I focus on women with menopausal and reproductive issues, as well as people of all ages with mental health, digestive, allergic, and other health problems, including cardiovascular and healthy aging concerns. I am authorized to prescribe by my College, so welcome discussions about bio-identical hormone therapies. 

I also support fertility awareness charting for menstrual cycle and reproductive support and am a member of FACTS in the US. 

I've held a few leadership positions for profession in BC and Alberta before recently moving to Ontario, and have always sought to build bridges with my conventional colleagues. My belief is that no one approach has all the answers. I've written for peer reviewed journals and several blogs. 


In addition to being an ND, writer, collaborator, and editor, I'm also a big fan of alpine hiking and skiing, sea kayaking, adventure travel, and choral classical music.  I sing in a local cathedral choir, have a grown son, and am still working on a better work-life balance. I also volunteer for the Frontenac Zone of the Canadian Ski Patrol.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach, I encourage you to book a complimentary phone consult with me. 

Warm regards, 

Dr. Marianne Trevorrow

located at

Kingston Integrated Healthcare

541 Palace Road

Kingston, ON, Canada


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